Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Things I did today

1) "Condorize" application for Itzhak Orion: delivered ~100 jobs at the BGU Condor pool.

What worries me is the long tail of a few jobs that never end. They go back and forth between the computing nodes. Below is the load of today's test:

2) "Condorize"application for Chen Keasar. Part 1, successfully run the Java application on my notebook, it consumes lots of CPU. Next step will be to run it under "Personal Condor" and then to install everything in the big pool.
3) Downloaded and read about Fluka.
4) Made a conference call about allowing Nova application to run at the BGU Condor pool.
5) Took a look at "condor_status -xml", then downloaded the missing classads.dtd and tried to see of XMLSpy home edition can make the very long output more readable. I need to learn more about parsing XML.

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