Friday, April 28, 2006

So many new things to learn

Below is a list of technologies that I want to take a look at some time.....

1) WxPython, more references: Ref #1.
2) Ruby, Ruby in a Nutshell By Yukihiro Matsumoto available from the ACM/Safari.
What is the hell Ruby on Rails?????

The next items were mentioned in the April issue of Linux Journal:

3) RH clones: CentOS, Scientific Linux, Tao Linux . A) Which it better? B) How do you define "Better"?
4) openswan
5) squid, SquidGuard
6) tinyca2
7) etherreal
8) snort
9) freeradius
10) Planet
11) xoops

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Things I did today

1) Corrected the Java configuration in the Windows machines and posted a comment about it to the condor-users mailing list.
2) Discovered that my Ph.D. dissertation is cited in a paper called "Spin as an additional tool for QGP investigations"
3) Search for my papers using Google Scholar.
4) Participated together with Avner and Nati in a meeting with the MAGNET committee.
5) Condor week 2006 presentation slides are available here.
6) An interesting web site with lots of material: MSc in e-Science Web Site
7) A book to read: Grid Computing The Savvy Manager’s Guide
8) Today published the new edition of Physica Plus. Strangely the opening article about R. P. Feynman was written by Yuval Neeman who died yesterday at age 81 and his funeral took place earlier today.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Things I did today

1) "Condorize" application for Itzhak Orion: delivered ~100 jobs at the BGU Condor pool.

What worries me is the long tail of a few jobs that never end. They go back and forth between the computing nodes. Below is the load of today's test:

2) "Condorize"application for Chen Keasar. Part 1, successfully run the Java application on my notebook, it consumes lots of CPU. Next step will be to run it under "Personal Condor" and then to install everything in the big pool.
3) Downloaded and read about Fluka.
4) Made a conference call about allowing Nova application to run at the BGU Condor pool.
5) Took a look at "condor_status -xml", then downloaded the missing classads.dtd and tried to see of XMLSpy home edition can make the very long output more readable. I need to learn more about parsing XML.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ganglia @ home

Ganglia is now installed on my Linux nodes at home.
You can see it live by visiting my website
A screenshot is on the left. In two of the nodes (FC 5 and Scientific Linux) installing the gmond rpm was enough, but on the 3rd node (SuSE10) I had to compile the source.