Monday, May 25, 2009

MPI.NET Tutorial

In this post I will show step by step how to install and execute MPI (Message Passing Interface) parallel programs in the .NET environment.
A much more detailed tutorial is available here.

1) Installation:
My computer is running Windows Vista and Visual Studio 2008 is already installed.
Download and install the HPC Pack 2008 (next 5 figures):

Then install the MPI.NET SDK.msi (see next 4 figures):

2) Test the installation from the command line (next 3 figures):

A "Ping-Pong" program

Serial run:

As should be, the firewall detects the communication traffic and the user should allow it:

Parallel run:

3) MPI "Hello" demo using Visual Studio 2008 and C# (next 5 figures):

Start a new console C# project:

Add Reference to the MPI component:

Build the executable:

Execute the parallel program with 8 threads:

Verifying the execution of the 8 threads by looking at the Task Manager:

That's all for now.
Your comments are welcome.

Guy Tel-Zur

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Mikey said...

This tutorial would be a lot more valuable if it showed how to do this on two computers instead of just one.