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Summary of the IGT HPC Work group first year

The following two slides give a perspective of the IGT HPC Work group activity during its first year. There were 4 meetings with an average number of about 20 attendees. If your company/research group would like to give a presentation in this forum please contact me.

The 2nd Israeli Association of Grid Technologies Annual Event

Check this link.

OpenVPN my first trial

This note describes establishing VPN connection between my laptop and my remote Linux server. I was inspired by the first example in " Casting Your Net with OpenVPN " by Paul Duncan article that was published in the Linux Magazine. First I created configuration files at both ends, see screen dump for the client configure file: Then I started OpenVPN on both computers: and similarly at the remote server: After establishing the connection, I could connect via my private network: I did SSH from my client ( to my server (