Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Diskless tips - Part 2

1) In order to enable services like NFS mount and ypbind on the diskless clients edit the rc.local file in the image tree on the server like this:
[root@grid02]# more /diskless/centos44_diskless_ver_03/root/etc/rc.local
# This script will be executed *after* all the other init scripts.
# You can put your own initialization stuff in here if you don't
# want to do the full Sys V style init stuff.

touch /var/lock/subsys/local

#--------added manually by Guy, 30/5/2007:
mount -t nfs /home

2) In order to document the installation procedure, here is the files & directory structure on the server which is relevant for the pxe-boot & tftp stage:
[root@grid02 ~]# ls /tftpboot/

[root@grid02 ~]# ls /tftpboot/linux-install/
centos44_diskless_ver_01 centos44_diskless_ver_03 pxelinux.0
centos44_diskless_ver_02 msgs pxelinux.cfg

[root@grid02 ~]# ls /tftpboot/linux-install/centos44_diskless_ver_03
initrd.img vmlinuz

[root@grid01 ~]# ls /tftpboot/linux-install/pxelinux.cfg/
C0A80101 C0A80106 C0A80109 C0A8010C C0A8010F C0A80112 default
C0A80103 C0A80107 C0A8010A C0A8010D C0A80110 C0A80113 pxeos.xml
C0A80104 C0A80108 C0A8010B C0A8010E C0A80111 C0A80114

Typical content of a C0A.... file:
telzur@grid02 pxelinux.cfg]$ more C0A80101
default centos44_diskless_ver_03

label centos44_diskless_ver_03
kernel centos44_diskless_ver_03/vmlinuz
append initrd=centos44_diskless_ver_03/initrd.img root=/dev/ram0 init=disklessrc NFSROOT= ramdisk_size=16254

[telzur@grid02 pxelinux.cfg]$ more pxeos.xml

Monday, May 21, 2007

My first test with the IL-BGU EGEE Site

[telzur@cs-grid4 tests]$ voms-proxy-init --voms dteam
Enter GRID pass phrase:
Your identity: /C=IL/O=IUCC/OU=BGU/CN=Guy Tel-Zur
Cannot find file or dir: /home/telzur/.glite/vomses
Creating temporary proxy ........................................................ Done
Contacting [/C=CH/O=CERN/OU=GRID/CN=host/] "dteam" Done
Creating proxy .......................................................... Done
Your proxy is valid until Wed May 23 05:27:43 2007
[telzur@cs-grid4 tests]$ voms-proxy-info
subject : /C=IL/O=IUCC/OU=BGU/CN=Guy Tel-Zur/CN=proxy
issuer : /C=IL/O=IUCC/OU=BGU/CN=Guy Tel-Zur
identity : /C=IL/O=IUCC/OU=BGU/CN=Guy Tel-Zur
type : proxy
strength : 512 bits
path : /tmp/x509up_u33335
timeleft : 11:59:55
[telzur@cs-grid4 tests]$ glite-job-submit hello2.jdl

Selected Virtual Organisation name (from proxy certificate extension): dteam
Connecting to host, port 7772
Logging to host, port 9002

The job has been successfully submitted to the Network Server.
Use glite-job-status command to check job current status. Your job identifier is:



[telzur@cs-grid4 tests]$
[telzur@cs-grid4 tests]$ glite-job-status


Status info for the Job :
Current Status: Done (Success)
Exit code: 0
Status Reason: Job terminated successfully
Submitted: Tue May 22 17:28:18 2007 IDT

[telzur@cs-grid4 tests]$ glite-job-output --dir . \

Retrieving files from host: ( for )


Output sandbox files for the job:
have been successfully retrieved and stored in the directory:


[telzur@cs-grid4 tests]$ cd telzur_ZUMjYMdDBZW4cH9pa9aLyg/
[telzur@cs-grid4 telzur_ZUMjYMdDBZW4cH9pa9aLyg]$ ls
hw.err hw.out
[telzur@cs-grid4 telzur_ZUMjYMdDBZW4cH9pa9aLyg]$ more ./hw.err
[telzur@cs-grid4 telzur_ZUMjYMdDBZW4cH9pa9aLyg]$ more ./hw.out
"Hello World"
[telzur@cs-grid4 telzur_ZUMjYMdDBZW4cH9pa9aLyg]$

So far it looks GOOD!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Kernel Virtual Machine is working on my laptop

I followed the instruction from: on my DELL420 laptop running Ubuntu 7.04.

Here is a screen shot showing Windows-XP and CentOS5 running as guests Operating Systems (click on the image to enlarge):

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Dapper Drake on a Dell Latitude D420

I used this great link for installing my wireless card on my Dell 420 using Ubuntu 7.04

Dapper Drake on a Dell Latitude D420

Excellent job.