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Grids are Dead! Or are they?

Grids are Dead! Or are they?
By Wolfgang Gentzsch, DEISA; Duke University.
Published in GridToday, June 16, 2008.
See also one of my previous posts: "The End of Grid Computing?" from October 2007.

How to securely connect to the BGU from Linux

The following instructions apply for connecting from outside the campus:

Step 1: VPN access:
Install CheckPoint SNX VPN tool (SSL Network eXtender) for Linux.
( the current version I installed works with OpenSuse 10.3 but crashes for Fedora core 9 )
telzur@gtz2:~> snx -s -u username@vpn
then provide your PIN and the Secure-ID code.

Step 2: Connect to the Windows terminal server using remote-desktop:
telzur@gtz2:~> rdesktop -u user-name -d group-of-users

and you will get this window to login: