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Cloud-based Services and Applications

Cloud-based Services and Applications Chairs: Prof Mark Baker, University of Reading Dr. Marcel Kunze, Forschungszentrum, Karlsruhe Abstract Cloud computing is increasingly being used for what was known as “on-demand” and “utility computing”. The services provided, the APIs and the applications that can be hosted by these Cloud providers have superseded the use of the grid, and are increasingly becoming popular with users. There are obviously two sides to the services that are provided by Cloud providers: those that are supplied by commercial entities, such as Amazon and Google , as well as those that are open-source systems, such as provided by OpenCirrus and Eucalyptus . In this workshop we wish to examine and explore the services, interfaces and types of applications that can be executed on Cloud systems. In addition, we are interested in the interfaces used to access the underlying services, the pros/cons of using virtualisation, the range and scope of applic

IGT GPGPU Meeting - Performance Primitives on the GPU

Presenter Mordechai Butrashvily CEO Company for Advanced Supercomputing Solutions Ltd. Abstract This meeting will showcase NVIDIA library implementing various performance primitives on the GPU for various purposes, from image/video processing to other tasks. The library can be considered as the GPU equivalent of Intel IPP, although with functionality that is added with time. In the meeting we will overview the set of supported functions, test and discuss performance topics with regard to the GPU. Using this library, users can experience between x10 to x50 performance increases when compared to running on the CPU. This meeting will be followed by another, discussing upcoming LAPACK library implementation on the GPU. To reserve your place, please send your contact details to: