Monday, May 25, 2009

MPI.NET Tutorial

In this post I will show step by step how to install and execute MPI (Message Passing Interface) parallel programs in the .NET environment.
A much more detailed tutorial is available here.

1) Installation:
My computer is running Windows Vista and Visual Studio 2008 is already installed.
Download and install the HPC Pack 2008 (next 5 figures):

Then install the MPI.NET SDK.msi (see next 4 figures):

2) Test the installation from the command line (next 3 figures):

A "Ping-Pong" program

Serial run:

As should be, the firewall detects the communication traffic and the user should allow it:

Parallel run:

3) MPI "Hello" demo using Visual Studio 2008 and C# (next 5 figures):

Start a new console C# project:

Add Reference to the MPI component:

Build the executable:

Execute the parallel program with 8 threads:

Verifying the execution of the 8 threads by looking at the Task Manager:

That's all for now.
Your comments are welcome.

Guy Tel-Zur

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wolfram Alpha vs. Google - Round 1

I asked the two search engines about Quantum Gravity, see for yourself the results...

Multiplying the Power of Mathematica 7 Over the GRID

The IGT, Engineering Software Lab and Wolfram Research are happy to invite you to this interesting Mini Seminar on the subject of:

Multiplying the Power of Mathematica 7 over the GRID

(Plus an introduction to the new computational knowledge search engine Wolfram Alpha )

About the Speaker:

Jon McLoone has worked with Wolfram Research, makers of Mathematica, since 1992 on software development, system design, technical writing, and strategy. He supports educational projects in cooperation with universities and government research, and has lectured on Mathematica around the world. McLoone has a degree in mathematics from Durham University, United Kingdom.

A Video recording of a lecture on Mathematica Lightweight Grid systems by Jon can be viewed here:

Using the Wolfram Lightweight Grid System

The Seminar:

Part 1

Multiplying the Power of Mathematica 7 over the GRID:

An introduction to Grid Computing parallel computing and HPC with Mathematica 7 and gridMathematica

The presentation will discuss some of the HPC technologies built in to Mathematica, including optimized data types and algorithms, and will explain Mathematica's parallel programming architecture and scalable, parallel deployment options as well as demonstration of grid capabilities in gridMathematica and Mathematica 7 including live demonstration.

45 minutes, + question/ answer

Part 2

Wolfram Alpha

An introduction to the new computational knowledge search engine Wolfram Alpha

An introduction and discussion on using GRID computing in search engines.

45 minutes, + question/ answer

Date Jun 4, 2009 15:00 17:00
Location IGT