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Amazon Web Services Meetup Tel Aviv

I enjoyed attending the event which took place today at Tel Aviv University. It was encouraging to see the Bar-Shira Auditorium full of young people interested in Web Services and Cloud Computing.Enclosed 2 photos of Martin Buhr who gave a clear and interesting presentation about AWS.

IGT GPGPU/HPC joint WG Meeting - HMPP Workbench Demonstration

Date Jan 21, 2009 15:00 17:00Location IGT Offices, Maskit 4, 5th Floor, HertzeliaSpeakerMr. Stephane Bihan, CAPS EnterprisesAbstractProgramming for the GPU architecture and multi-core platforms can be a difficult task. Sometimes it prevents from good utilization of the platform and even programmers entering this field.For the aid of programmers, automatic tools can simplify most of the work: providing vectorization, parallelism and better register usage of the output.HMPP Workbench is a framework developed by CAPS Enterprises to help programmers make effective use of multi-core architectures, including the CPU, GPU and other accelerators (FPGA, etc.).HMPP provides compiler support for both C and FORTRAN environments.The meeting will present the features of HMPP, including a live demonstration of porting an algorithm to multi-core and GPU environments.To reserve your place, please email your details you,IGTFor further reading check this: HPCWire

First impression of Windows-7 beta

I installed Windows-7 beta as a guest operating system of the SUN xVM on my Lenovo T-61 running Vista . The installation went smoothly although it required most of the available memory. A screen shot is enclosed.From reasons which I still don’t understand the network interface was not detected, so surfing the Internet was not possible during this test! (I have network connection when I run Suse 11 as a xVM client).While everyone look to the sky these days for Cloud Computing, Microsoft preferred to dive into the sea and to display a fish at the center of the desktop. Strange.I can’t say anything yet about stability and performance but my first impression is of a deja vu; More of the Same.Suse and Ubuntu are still my favorites.We shall see.(This post was written using Windows Live Writer)