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IGT HPC Work Group Meeting - Intel TBB, Exanet

Monday, March 23rd, 2009IGT Offices, Maskit 4, 5th Floor, Hertzliya. 14:00-14:15: Gathering14:15-14:30: Opening - Avner & Guy14:30-15:25: Introduction to Intel Threading Tools15:25-15:35: Coffee Break15:35-16:25: ExaStore® Clustered NAS System16:25-16:35:Discussion and concluding remarks
Detailed Agenda:
14:30-15:25: Introduction to Intel Threading ToolsSpeaker: Dr. Ami Marowka, Department of Computer ScienceBar-Ilan UniversityAbstractIntel Threading tools, Thread Profiler and Thread Checker, allow performing correctness and performance checking on multi-threaded applications running on multicore systems. The parallelization method may be based on POSIX, Windows Threads, or on OpenMP.Thread Profiler is the tool which identifies bottlenecks that limit the parallel performance of your multi-threaded application, locates synchronization delays, stalled threads, excessive blocking time, and ineffective utilization of processors. It helps to find the best sections of code to optimize for…

IGT HPC Work Group Meeting - Maplesoft Parallel and Grid Computing Toolbox

Maple Workshop - Grid Computing ToolboxMonday, February 23rd, 2009 14:00 - 17:00
IGT Offices, Maskit 4, 5th Floor, Hertzliya. 14:15-14:30: Opening - Avner & Guy14:30-15:45: Maple – Part 1, Introduction to Maple15:45-16:00: Coffee Break16:00-17:00: Maple – Part 2, Maplesoft Parallel and Grid Computing ToolboxDetailed Agenda:14:30-15:45: Maple – Part 1: Introduction to MapleSpeaker: Omer Yagel, DigiSec LTDAbstract An Introduction to Maple 12 lectureQ&ALecture's ContentEasy start The document interface principlesA brief on clickable mathEfficient use of the helpThe Maple philosophy for efficient useSymbolism ODEsIntegralsMatricesNaming the many other areas I have no time to show (graph theory, tensor calc...)Numerics PrecisionODEsMatricesInternal NAG routinesGraphics Simple 2DSimple 3DAnimation, 2D and 3DWriting Maple worksheet ComponentsPlots and animation in componentsSimulation A word about the existence of MapleSim15:45-16:00 Coffee Break16:00-…