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Testing Intel’s Parallel Studio

Part 1 – OpenMP Intel claims to bring simplified “end-to-end parallelism to Microsoft Visual Studio C/C++ developers with Intel® Parallel Studio” [1]. I used a simple OpenMP parallel HelloWorld program to study this new tool which comes as an add-on to Visual Studio 2008.The program listing is enclosed in Figure 1.   1: #include <omp.h> 2: #include <stdio.h> 3: // a function to consume cpu time: 4: void consume() { 5: int i; 6: long n=100000000; 7: double s=0; 8: for (i=1;i<n;i++) 9: s+=( double )1/( double )i; 10: } 11: int main ( int argc, char *argv[]) { 12: int th_id, nthreads=5; 13: omp_set_num_threads(nthreads); 14: #pragma omp parallel private (th_id) 15: { 16: th_id = omp_get_thread_num(); 17: consume(); 18: printf( "Hello World from thread %d\n" , th_id); 19: #pragma omp barrier 20: if ( th_id == 0 ) { 21:

Nvidia Nsight Installation Failed

I have a Windows 7 (64bits) OS with Visual Studio 2008 with SP1. After starting  Parallel_Nsight_Host_Win64_1.0.10200 (Jul 2010) I got the following error message: “ The required version of Visual Studio (2008 SP1) was not detected ” – see screen capture: I guess the problem is in the system registry of VS2008 which partly located  as a 32bit system and partly as a 64bit system and Nsight didn’t find what it expected.  SP1 seems to be installed as can be seen in the image below:   It turned out that although SP1 is installed, it was not installed correctly. After trying to reinstall SP1 I got the following error message: I checked the log file:   Exe (C:\Users\telzur\AppData\Local\Temp\Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 SP1\VC_x86Runtime.exe) succeeded. [8/6/2010, 18:34:11] (IronSpigot::ExeInstallerBase::PerformAction) Log File: dd_VC_x86RuntimeMSI18CE.txt [8/6/2010, 18:34:11] (IronSpigot::ExeInstallerBase::PerformAction) Log File: dd_VC_x86RuntimeUI18CE.txt [8/6/2010, 18:34:11]