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Ubuntu / Mint software updates problems

If you get error messages of the following kind: " E: Encountered a section with no Package: header. ..." Do the following: sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/* -vf sudo apt-get update It worked for me!

Gnome3 packagekit problem

if you are in a situation where you want to install software using packagekit but nothing happens or you see a message that it is "waiting in queue" forever try the following which worked for me: Open terminal as root and type: pkcon refresh yum-complete-transaction this will let yum complete it's unfinished business and then packagekit will get back to life. Good luck

Supercomputing breakthroughs are correlated with the Sun activity

If you want to predict major breakthroughs in Supercomputing look at the sun. It is well accepted by now that every 11 years there is a 3 orders of magnitude mile stone in supercomputers. However, about 11 years is also the cycle of the Sun activity when counting for example the number of sunspots. Surprisingly enough whenever there is a deep in the sunspots count a major supercomputing milestone takes place. The chart below says it all The Wisdom behind Small Data Mining :-) Guy

HTCondor version 8.0 Windows Installation

HTCondor version 8.0 Windows Installation from gtelzur

My Cloud Computing group have reached 4000 members

You are welcome to join!

How to choose a Supercomputer

Forget about LINPACK and FLOP/s. It is the skin that matters. The next big thing should be the "Top500 Skin" ranking. Here are my top five:       Corollaries: 1. As can be seen the US maintains its dominance. 2. All vendors can try harder. How about consulting Italian car designers? 3. SC20 should take place at the Museum of Modern Art.