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Sharing USB disk with Virtual Box guest OS

Assuming the host OS is Windows and the guest OS is Linux (CentOS in my case): make a directory at the guest OS for the flash storage: mkdir /home/telzur/shared Plug the memory stick and check the guest OS log: tail /var/log/messages find the name of the new device, in my case, ./dev/sdb1 as root: mount –t vfat /dev/sdb1 /home/telzur/shared Your files are now in the shared folder. Enjoy!

Parallel Computing with Python and MPI

I installed PyMPI (version 2.5b0) on my CentOS  5.5 (as a VirtualBox guest system). The following short demo works: import mpi import time time.sleep(10) print "Hello World! my rank=", mpi.rank, " group size is=", mpi.size see screen capture: Before installing PyMPI I installed these packages: 1. MPICH2 2. Python-develop Installation of PyMPI: 1. ./configure --with-includes=-I/usr/local/include 2. make 3. make check 4. make install  (as root) Good luck!

A day with my laptop

When I came in the morning to work on my laptop I discovered that it had restarted due to some critical updates by Microsoft. One hour later iTunes opened a pop-up window and asked me to install a new version. So I allowed it. Tons of megabytes were downloaded and network became slow. Then, The AVG Anti-Virus had updated its Definition Table. I like when this happens, it gives me a good feeling that my laptop is well taken care, but then also appeared a notification about a serious patch which required a restart. OK, I confirmed that. At noon, Firefox installed a new version and requested a permission to restart as well, So I confirmed that too. Then, a few of my favorites plug-ins had stopped working because they were not compatible anymore with the new version of Firefox. Just then, without any correlation, the USB driver hung and the mouse was dead. so I gave up the mouse and continued to work with the touch pad. Then, the computer was slow. I got angry and opened the Task Manager t