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Grids, Clouds and Physics

Remember the Canonical Commutation Relation (Commutator) from Physics courses? Let's implement it on our two favorite terms: [Grids, Clouds] = Grids*Clouds-Clouds*Grids ≠ 0 This means that we can build Grids of Clouds and we can build Clouds of Grids and the final outcome will be different…. …So Distributed Computing exhibits Quantum and not Classical behavior :) In the near future we will see Clouds connected into a Grid and Grids that are implemented on top of a Cloud .

The race for new buzz words - GaaS

Following OnLive at GDC and others I would like to suggest the term GaaS to stand for Game as a Service . GaaS represents streaming games services that are delivered to end-users (with thin clients) by a Cloud Computing infastructure. Charging can be done according to a Pay-Per-Use model.

IGT Cloud Investment Summit

Israeli association for Grid Technologies (IGT) Cloud Investment Summit for Virtualization and Cloud/SaaS Based startups June 1st, 2009 Tel Aviv , Israel Innovate Faster with Cloud Computing Thanks to Cloud computing, the time it takes to bring a new product idea to market is shorter than ever before. Cloud computing helps startups to reduce the time and the cost to set-up and run R&D infrastructures. The immediate availability of unlimited computer resources expands the industry scope of R&D capabilities and improving the productivity and the profitability of the industry. Call for Startups Do you want to present your start-up to investors and CIOs? For 5 minutes the floor could be all yours. Impress the press, wow your audience and secure your investment! We want the best startups, so if you're working on something spectacular in the Cloud, Grid, Virtualization or SaaS, the floor can be yours.