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The End of Supercomputers As We Know Them Today

About four years ago I predicted in this blog the fall of Grid Computing and the rise of Cloud Computing (  ) Now I want to claim that Supercomputers as we know them today will not be the kind we will see in the future. I think that within a couple of years: 1. Most supercomputers will shift to the cloud (HPC Cloud). 2. The governance of X86 is not guaranteed: We already see the rise of GPGPUs and we will see more families of technologies being involved, e.g. Tegra and ARM, Reconfigureable Computing (RC) i.e. FPGAs, etc'. 3. Supercomputers won't be anymore General Purpose machines. They will be reconstructed as a Cloud Service ( Supercomputing as a Service ) from all the available technologies (see previous section) per single mission (program) in order to maximize the performance and minimize the consumed energy and cost. I decided to use the word mission because the word  task is usually reserved for a thre

Cloud Computing turns 15!

Congratulations! Cloud Computing turns 15, don't believe? check this link. The original article is by Technology Review , check here