Cellular Automata - Part II, Using Condor

My post on Cellular Automata from January 12 was not put there by mistake. I want to use it as a starting point for a couple of exercises in my Parallel Processing course.
In that post I gave a few drawings that differ only by the generating rule number.

Today, I am going to show how using the Condor High-Throughput Computing system allows to handle in a very simple way large volume of computations.

I used this simple Condor submit file:

universe = vanilla
executable = nks.py
Error = err.$(Process)
Output= out.$(Process)
Log = log.$(Process)
Arguments = $(Process)
Queue 256

And was able to compute the whole set of 256 rules (jobs) with the same effort of computing a single rule.
I submitted the task to my Personal Condor on my laptop and was not disappointed; After a while I got all the outputs happily waiting for post processing.


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